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Owner FAQ’s

Do you offer protection from property damages caused by the tenant?
We do collect a security deposit from the tenant, which can be up to 2 times the monthly rent per California State Law. When the tenant vacates, the security deposit can be used to cover any unpaid rent, unpaid fees, and damages to the property.

How do you qualify a tenant?
Per California Landlord/Tenant Law, we qualify applicants based on Income /Employment Verification; Rental History with Landlord Reference, and Credit Worthiness based on timely payment of credit accounts; bankruptcies, foreclosures, repossessions, collections and evictions. All of this is included in the management fee; there is no extra charge.

How long does it typically take for you to find a qualified tenant to rent out the property?
This depends on a few factors. Competitive market price, availability/competition, condition of the property and quality of the amenities. The key is to make sure the property is priced accurately for the market and that the property is marketed through all the appropriate channels.

What avenues does your company use in order to advertise properties for rent?
A full size detailed ad is posted on, Zillow and Trulia with pictures, as well as advertising on our website.

Are there fees for contacting maintenance staff/third-party maintenance vendors to perform repairs?
No, you would only pay the vendor for their work.

Do you add a mark up to work performed by outside vendors?
No, we do not charge maintenance override fees. We do not add any mark up to their invoice. If the plumber charges $100, you would be charged $100.

Do you charge fees if the unit is vacant for any of the following reasons: inability to find tenant, tenant moving out, transition periods between finding old and new tenants?

Do you charge turnover, or leasing fees?

What are the property management fees?
The management fees vary based on the type of property. Please call for more information. If a unit is vacant, we are not collecting a management fee while a tenant is being found.

Does your company provide itemized monthly financial statements?
Yes we do. Our monthly statements consist of a computer generated cash flow and a detailed general ledger.

How available is the property management staff to respond to tenant needs?
Our office is open Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm. In the event of an after hours or weekend emergency, our tenants are given an after hours emergency phone number.

How experienced and responsive is your maintenance staff and/or third-party maintenance vendors?
Grisalin Management, Inc. has a well-experienced and well-rounded maintenance staff. We screen vendors for liability and workers compensation insurance. We have a long list of trusted vendors for virtually anything in needs of repair.

How many properties does your company currently manage?
We currently manage approximately 80 properties in Santa Clara County.

How much experience does your company have in property management (not including experience in real estate sales)?
Grisalin Management, Inc. has been doing Property Management since 1989. That is our specialty. The principal is a Licensed California Real Estate Broker with 33 years experience so we are able to sell property at the owner’s request.

What steps are taken to ensure that the property is in “rentable” condition? Re-painting walls? Walk through? Etc. Are there charges associated with that?
We will coordinate all repairs and walk through inspections needed to ensure the property is in rentable condition. From carpet, linoleum and paint to changing locks, light bulbs, and smoke detector batteries…we can handle everything. We don’t charge for coordinating the repairs. The only charge is the cost of the work.